Harsh, Unforgiving, Empty Terrain

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Image Meaning: Cold and broken

Alas, as the flowers die and the winter months approach, I find myself thankful that I have an apartment with free heat. Every day, I think on my way there, of the sweet relief of walking into my warm, welcoming apartment (did I mention the free heat?). Finally, the moment comes that I step through the threshold. It is far warmer and more welcoming than my cold, frigid, fingers and nose could have dreamt. I continue into my bedroom, ready to relax after a trying day of battling this cruel world and it’s elements, only to be assaulted by the harsh winter winds in my bedroom. The culprit? The large, beckoning window, staring me in the face. Once, it was viewed as a seat of comfort and beauty. Now, its only purpose is to mock my warm expectations with its lack of insulation. 


This is not what I didn’t, but the government did, pay for.

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  1. Lorena morcantash December 15, 2017 at 4:28 am - Reply

    I’m so inspired

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