Missing You

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In January of 2017, Olarani (Ōlărŏnē), our Jack Russel Terrier of 16 years, died.  Three months later, Sophie, our female Jack Russel died after 13 years.  This is how we’re coping with the grieving of our two special dogs.  Our family has been through a lot of deep suffering, and they were one of our brightest spots in our lives each day.  We have been devastated by their deaths.  To cope with it, we have been doing many things including: writing this poem, writing a children’s book about some of their adventures, we have fun keeping up their pictures, and we talk about them every day.  Thank you for letting us share with you.  It helps.

Missing You

Two precious doggies that loved life and loved each other.

Two doggies who were our constant companions
     for a decade and a half.

Two doggies who died within three months of each other.

Two doggies whose memories we do not want to forget, ever.

Two doggies who broke our hearts,
      but also gave us joy,
             that is still spilling over even into our daily lives
                    this minute.

Two doggies we will always keep our hearts open to,
      always cry for every day,
            and always weep tears of joy for having had them in our lives.

Two doggies that gave us broken hearts,
       but in that brokenness, gave us life as we would have never known without them.

Thank you to our dear doggies who are no longer with us,
        yet seem to be with us forever.

We will never forget you, we promise, for as long as we live.

Companions and friends, we shall miss you always.

The Perkins Family

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